Shaping Strategies

It is very important as you contemplate a new revenue stream, or acquisition that you consider underlying strategy.  Are you a low cost provider?  If so, can you complete with the other low cost providers and still make a reasonable profit?  Are you a niche market where you may only have a few customers that you cultivate and spend a lot of time with?  Does the new product or service fit with your current suite of services and products?

Jack Welch:  If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete.

It is important that your company has a unified vision of the company’s strategy.  As you are proving a new revenue stream, contemplate Michael Porter’s elements of competitive strategy.  They are product line, target market, marketing, sales, distribution, manufacturing, labor, purchasing, research and development, finance and control.  It is very important that strategy be considered when contemplating a new revenue stream.

A strategic-fit harmonizes the resources and opportunities of a company.

So, how do you develop a strategy?  One approach is to analyze the market to define what market your company will serve.  Identify what activities are the most profitable.  Which markets are too troublesome to enter?

Possible strategies:


Developed Customer Relationships ---------- “Public” Customers No Relationship
Sell to the Same Customers Repeatedly ---------- Large Volume of Customers
Reinvent Product Every Year ---------- Same Product / Commodity
Total Solution Provider ---------- Specific Products
Extensive Information ---------- Little information
Vertical Market  ---------- Horizontal Market
Continued Growth ---------- Capped Growth
Global Expansion  ---------- Small Geographic Market
Strategic Alliances / Partners ---------- Self Contained / No Partners

Other Strategies


Customer First


Economic Focus


Ride the Trend Strategy




Full Employment / Fulfilled Workers


Learning Organization

Strategic Projects, LLC can facilitate a session with your key decision makers to determine your company’s strategy to be used as you write your initial plan, and as you make on-going decisions.

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