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Seven Decision Tools

Executives Need to Know About
By: Jean Duane

Excerpt: "Executives are often witnessed making strategic decisions by instinct or from the gut. It is not a reflex response. Rather, it is often the culmination of analysis using several significant decision making tools. What tools do executives utilize to make a decision, such as adding a new revenue stream, or another product to the mix?"

Decision Made Easy

Proving a Concept with a Decision Making Model 
By: Jean Duane

Excerpt: "Has this happened to you? You are sitting in a meeting and an executive from another department utters a few (not too well thought out) words and the next thing you know, you are assigned the task of proving the feasibility of the idea? Perhaps it is an idea to merge with or acquire another company, make a large purchase, or to prove a new revenue stream. Feasibility studies usually entail a lot of preliminary research on alternatives to build a model from the ground up. Alternatives are evaluated while considering human resources; software, hardware and technology requirements; operations; engineering; marketing; finance; legal considerations; organizational structure; administration; facilities; ergonomics; customer expectations; customer input; process evaluation; measurements; impact of this alternative on other company projects; competition; trends; outsourcers; and risks. In short, a good feasibility study is a lot of work."

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