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Justifying a New Revenue Stream

Are you struggling to find a new revenue stream?

Do you need a business development department but lack the resources?

Imagine a company struggling with their existing product line. Perhaps they are not generating enough revenue as they watch as their competitors’ package products and services and lure their customers to sign long-term contracts. How can a company in this situation survive? What would it take to unite all of the functional groups to a unified vision to develop a suite of services and products to attract and retain customers? 

Strategic Projects, LLC has the answer. Through a series of facilitated group and one-on-one sessions, your selected decision-makers from each functional group will justify a new revenue stream for your company

In the “Proving a New Revenue Stream” sessions, participants will understand how to:

Develop decision making criteria with which to evaluate new revenue streams.
Write a business plan
Work with their team members in unison
Take a global view of the marketplace to find the unique niche that your company can thrive in

Who participates?
Decision makers from each of the following functional groups:

bullet Finance
bulletHuman Resources

The consultant from Strategic Projects, LLC will work with the team to:

bulletDetermine the decision criteria
bulletCoach individual functional groups through the process of writing their section of the plan.
bulletDevelop comprehensive plan for new revenue stream
bulletPresent discoveries to the champion group
bulletDetermine next steps – launch plan, revise, new justification
bulletReplicate the process for future revenue streams


bulletYour team will learn how to prove a new revenue stream
bulletThey will have a unified vision of strategy, and a clear understanding of the parameters a new product or service must meet
bulletA decision matrix will be developed and can be reused to test other projects
bulletParticipation in this process increases equanimity among leaders of each functional group
bulletThe team will embrace the new revenue stream because of their inherent ownership in the project.

Do you want to earn more money in your business
with a new revenue stream? 

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