Example Projects

Feasibility Studies

bulletCall center consolidation
bulletFeasibility of attaining 8(a) Government Designation
bulletCost benefit analysis to determine how to spend on new business development
bulletAS/400 Consulting Services and Training in Singapore
bulletFeasibility of outsourcing call center function versus keeping it in house
bulletFinancial Services Consultant offering 401(k) plans to small businesses
bulletHow can the core software product be used for other applications?
bulletShould our company merge or partner with this other company?
(Due Diligence / feasibility study combined)
bullet Feasibility of deploying cable modem services in various countries

New Revenue Streams for Corporations Financial Analysis and Business Plans  

bulletAdding DSL as a new revenue stream
bulletVoIP Financial Analysis and Business Plan
bulletAdding on Consulting Services to core product sales
bulletVSAT Satellite as a new revenue stream
bulletRe-packaging and adding on services for cable modem deployments
Just In Time Expertise - When You Need It.
Business Plans, Feasibility Studies, Justify New Revenue Streams, Shape Strategies, 
Pursue Funding, Decision Making Matrix, Research, Due Diligence, Customer Service Initiative
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